Absolutely. At the time of this writing, auctionmygun.com has been around for over 17 years, and what we do is perfectly legal and on the level. Firearms law isn’t concerned with how a buyer or seller contact one another or negotiate a purchase price. Firearms law is only concerned (rightfully so) with the mechanics of how a gun changes ownership. It’s perfectly legal to list a gun for sale in a newspaper, as long as you correctly comply with local, state and federal laws regarding the actual sale (method of transfer) of the weapon. AuctionMyGun.com brings buyers and seller together (over the internet) and gives them a way to find an agreeable price for product (through an auction format). As long as you comply with local, state, and federal law regarding how that weapon is transferred from the buyer to the seller, it doesn’t matter if you meet the person at a gun show, through a magazine or other print medium, or online over the internet.

If you’re going to transfer a weapon across state lines, there must be at least one FFL involved. FFL stands for Federal Firearms License, and it’s someone who’s gone through the laborious process outlined by the BATF for becoming licensed by the Federal Government to legally deal in guns. While not all transactions require an FFL, it’s best to check with someone locally who has an FFL to get the full scoop on how to properly transfer ownership of guns, whether the transferee is a close relative or a complete stranger from out of state.

All gun shops have at least one FFL to legally transfer their guns, so going to your local gunshop is a great idea to get more information on how to transfer a gun. AuctionMyGun.com has an FFL Locator where you can find an FFL holder locally who is willing to transfer a gun for a small fee. These same folks should also be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the transfer process.